Palestinians — young and old — celebrate an indefinite ceasefire in Gaza. 26 August 2014.

Palestinians praying in Gaza city 


Palestinians praying in Gaza city 

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علی یک لحظه از یاد خدا غافل نشد

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the-bliss-of-being said: Is this from an app that i can download?

Hi, Sorry that I am responding very late. I hadn’t seen your reply until today I just saw it by accident reading my own previous posts/reblogs.

To answer your question, it is a mobile-app called AlHadith. (Not sure if it’s available on Android though.)





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  سبک زندگی

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يكشنبه شب پيش ،در راه برگشت،#ماه كامل
بسيار #زيبا بود،عكسش تار شد ،ويديوش هم زيبايي كاملش رونشون نميده، تو سرعت ١٢٠ تا ديگه بهتر از اين نميشد فيلم بگيرم
last sunday, on the way back, #moon #beautiful

'Blessed is he whose knowledge and practice, love and hate, acceptance and refusal, speech and silence, and words and actions are sincerely for the sake of Allah.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]

Tuhaf al-‘Uqul, p. 100

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For your brother, offer your blood and wealth, for your enemy, your justice and fairness, and for people in general, your joy and good favor.
— Imam Ali (AS)
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"I wanted to tell him (Imam Hussain as).. but I couldn’t. I wanted tell him that I was held captive for years after the war, but I remembered that the ahlulbayt spent their lives as prisoners. I wanted to tell him about my jihad during the war, then I thought to myself.. what is my jihad in comparison to that of Hussain’s? I wanted to tell him about the sufferings of my daughter.. but I saw that my hands were empty. My hands are very empty. What can one do with empty hands?"

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اللّهُمَّ إنْ لَمْ تَكُنْ غَفَرْتَ لَنَا فِيمَا مَضَى مِنْ شَعْبَانَ فَاغْفِرْ لَنَا فِيمَا بَقِيَ مِنْهُ

Oh Allah, if You have not forgiven us in the past days of Shaban, then forgive us in the rest of it.

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